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Mechanical anchor

For securing single sided formwork to rock or concrete walls. Hole diameter required: 35mm–37mm. Conduct tensile tests before applying final load. A rock anchor for 20mm tie rod is available. Technical details on request.

CodeBar DiaWeight

Form Anchor

The Form-Anchor is versatile, noncorrosive and used mainly for securing single-sided and climbing formwork. Easily fixed using the plastic cone locator enabling quick formwork erection, with no drilling of plywood. Can also be used for securing slab edge formwork, guard rails, etc. For use with 15mm Dywidag Thru Tie Rods.

CodeO/A LengthThread LengthFailing LoadRecommended Safe Working Load

Uni-Sleeve Anchor

The Uni-Sleeve has a 65mm long internal thread for 15mm tie rods and is ideal for:

  • single-faced formwork
  • edge formwork
  • scaffolding brackets
  • general guard rails

Safe working load: 27 kn.


  • The cone is nailed to the formwork with pre assembled nail.
  • Push on Uni-Sleeve
  • Concrete and then remove formwork
  • Screw in tie rod as required
  • With the special sealing groove, the sleeve closes tightly preventing concrete from entering the sleeve.
CodeO/A LengthThread LengthFailing LoadRecommended Safe Working Load

Weldable Anchor – Fitsch

A metal anchor which can be welded to RSJ’s, sheet piling and other metal structures to accept 15mm tie rod. Anchors must be welded continuously all the way round – load tests should be conducted before use.

CodeBar DiaWeight

Drop in Anchor 15mm

A drop in Anchor specifically designed for the use with 15mm Formwork Tie Rod Bars. It is ideal for low load applications, such as fixings for hand rails into existing concrete. For safety reasons we state that admissible loads for a low concrete strength of 15 M/mm. This means in practice that the anchors are often installed the next day after concreting and are already loaded.

IA15Drop In Anchor 15mm0.2kg
IAPDrop In Anchor Punch0.3kg

Load Direction15 N/mm25 N/mm35 N/mm
Axial Tension17.021.926.0
Diagonal Pull 4521.527.832.8
Shearing 9027.535.542.0

APT Anchors

The new APT anchor range of fixings provide the construction professional with a single fixing anchor for the majority of fixing needs. A fixing for all substrates. No plugs or inserts needed.

Single thread design to give maximum grip with minimum insertion torque.

Balancing thread designed to ensure correct alignment of anchor with drilled hole.

One piece fixing for ease of installation and reduced cost.

Areas of Application: Concrete, Brick, Wood, Stone, Block, Marble

Uses standard drill sizes

Threading system allows for total removal of anchor from substrates.

Self tapping multi-substrate anchor.

Thread designed to provide positive anchorage into the substrate.

Thread provides safe anchorage over full embedment of anchor.

Threaded anchorage is not subject to expansion pressure and maintains its fix without preload.

No expansion gives close edge fixing ability.

CodeSizeDrill bit sizeHole depth