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MKK Cone

Used when heavy duty tie rods or anchors have to be left in the concrete and for climbing applications. Cones are removed with a special spanner.

CodeItemDIM aDIM bO dO cA/FWeight
MKK15MKK Cone 1595mm50mm61mm40mm27mm0.50kg
MKK20MKK Cone 20126mm65mm42mm70mm32mm0.77kg
MKK26MKK Cone 26.5135mm70mm57mm103mm46mm1.70kg

SKK Cone

The SKK steel climbing cone can be used in conjunction with 15mm tie bar and a M 24 bolt. It can be used where ever the MKK 15 was used as the leading cone. The SKK 15 is tightened and released with the special SKK spanner. (Details on application).

SKK15SKK Cone1.27kg

Steel Cone

Re-usable steel cone for use when the tie rod or anchors are to be left embedded in the concrete.

TL15Re-Usable Steel Cone 150.65kg
TL20Re-Usable Steel Cone 200.95kg