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Admin Assistant

Nov 12, 2020


As we are all too aware, throughout the lockdown period, we have had to put reactive measures in place, adapt to new ways of working and be innovative with the opportunities that have arisen. Although many construction sites temporarily closed, the K-FORM team have been working hard to provide the usual high level of customer service and market leading products across the UK, for which they are known.

K-FORM uPVC Screed Rail provides the construction industry with an economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to steel shuttering that does not require removal after concrete pouring. The lightweight system is made from recycled materials and is suitable for a variety of concrete slab projects.

To ensure that working relationships between K-FORM, their customers and suppliers are maintained throughout this unusual period, K-FORM have made their CPD seminars available online. The seminars cover detailed explanations of the K-FORM system, its benefits, applications, and the proven success on previous projects. The CPDs have proved to be very popular, with many attendees leaving positive feedback about the content and how they were delivered.

Online CPDs offer greater flexibility – there are fewer constraints on time and barriers to attendance. The K-FORM team and seminar attendees have found them extremely beneficial; it seems this service is here to stay!

Neil Bowman, K-FORM’s UK & Ireland Sales Manager, who has been working throughout the pandemic, has the following comments on the situation. “During the COVID-19 pandemic it goes without saying that we all have had to put new measures in place and adapt to a totally different way of working. Throughout the past few months we have been here to support clients, present online seminars to engineers and deliver video conference calls to our network of stockists, all to ensure K-FORM is available for any project or situation that requires it. ”

Contact Details:
Neil Bowman
K-FORM UK & Ireland Sales Manager 07917 034587