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Conibar Continuity Strip


Type RSH can be used in ‘wall to wall’ and ‘wall to slab’ connections. Especially when placed horizontally, this type of continuity strip gives engineers the opportunity of calculating the shear forces. The casing is protected against corrosion.

TypeDiameterCentres Width of Stirrup BWidth of Box DHeight of Stirrup HLap length LASheer load capacity LM
RSH 1212mm150mm120mm150mm170mm500mm62.5 KN/M
RSH 1212mm200mm120mm150mm170mm500mm56.8 KN/M
RSH 1412mm150mm140mm170mm170mm500mm68.8 KN/M
RSH 1412mm200mm140mm170mm170mm500mm62.5 KN/M
RSH 1416mm150mm140mm170mm170mm650mm83.3 KN/M
RSH 1416mm200mm140mm170mm170mm650mm75.7 KN/M
RSH 1812mm150mm180mm210mm170mm500mm80.5 KN/M
RSH 1812mm200mm180mm210mm170mm500mm73.2 KN/M
RSH 1816mm150mm180mm210mm170mm650mm97.5 KN/M
RSH 1816mm200mm180mm210mm170mm650mm88.65 KN/M


Type RSV is specifically designed for vertical joints with high shear forces. It is the first starter pack which is shear key profiled on all three sides of the casing. The type RSV provides high shear force load capacities.

TypeDiameterCentresWidth of Stirrup BWidth of Box DLap length LASheer load capacity LM
RSV 118mm150mm110mm140mm300mm323.7 KN/M
RSV 1110mm150mm110mm140mm380mm326.7 KN/M
RSV 1112mm150mm110mm140mm350mm326.7 KN/M
RSV 148mm150mm140mm170mm300mm333.1 KN/M
RSV 1410mm150mm140mm170mm380mm380.3 KN/M
RSV 1412mm150mm140mm170mm450mm380.3 KN/M
RSV 188mm150mm180mm210mm300mm345.6 KN/M
RSV 1810mm150mm180mm210mm380mm451.8 KN/M
RSV 1812mm150mm180mm210mm450mm451.8 KN/M