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Construction Chemicals

Release Agents

A universally accepted release agent of high specification, giving excellent release characteristics and substantial reductions of blowholes and surface blemishes. Resistant to weathering. Various grades are available depending on application.

SINFL205In-Formlease High Quality Release Agent205L
SINFL25In-Formlease High Quality Oil Based Release Agent25L

Mould Oil

A versatile, high quality neat oil with surfactant which is ideal for use on metal, timber, other formwork
materials and coatings. Formulated to give optimum release and quality of finish to concrete over a wide range of mix designs. Spray applied. Coverage approx. 13-30 square metres per litre.

SINFO1000In-Formoil High Quality Mould Oil1000L
SINFO205In-Formoil High Quality Mould Oil205L
SINFO25In-Formoil High Quality Mould Oil25L

Curing Agents

A large range of highly specified curing membranes to suit every situation. Resin based giving 75% or 90% water retention while concrete cures. Available with aluminium flake for reflection of light and fugitive dye for visible application. A silicate based membrane is available for use when a further surface treatment is required. Spray applied.

SINFC9025In-Form Cure Super 90%
SINFCS205In-Form Cure S205L
SINFCS25In-Form Cure S25L

Surface Retarders

Used for exposed aggregate finishes, and surface keying of construction joints. Mould face gel applied to shuttering with brush. Top face applied to fresh concrete with spray. Coverage: 12-15m2 per litre (gel type). 5m2 per litre (spray type).

SINFT25MFInformtard MF Mould Face Gel Paint-on25L
SINFT25TFInformtard TF Spray-on25L

Ecotuff Concrete Dustproofer and Hardener

A concentrated silicate solution for treatment of new or old concrete giving a superior surface resistance to abrasion and chemical attack with the added bonus of dust reduction. Applied in 2-3 coats depending on the type of concrete. Spray applied.

SEH25Ecotuff Concrete Dustproofer and Hardener25L


A specialised ‘structural’ grade cementitious repair cement, ideal for the repair of in-situ or precast concrete, masonry, screeds, renders, brickwork and blockwork. It can be used horizontally, vertically or over head without any need for primers or support. Trowel applied. 1kg yields 500cm.

SMPG25Matchpatch Grey25kg
SMPW25Matchpatch White25kg