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Crack Inducers

Top Type Two Part

Two Part Crack Inducer is designed to be inserted into wet concrete in a slab, to enable a controlled straight line crack to be formed. The two part profile allows the top section to be removed after the concrete has cured ready to accept a joint sealing compound.

CI 5025m x 50mm
CI 7525m x 75mm

Aluminium T Bar

The T bar is used to form a straight void into the wet concrete in preparation to accept the Two Part Crack Inducer.

T BAR 5050mm
T BAR 7575mm

Bottom Type

For use on the underside of slabs generally thicker than 300mm. Induces a vertical crack and used in conjunction with Two Part Crack Inducers. Supplied in 5 metre lengths.

BY 405m x 40mm
BY 755m x 75mm