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Eco Chemicals


A formwork release agent using the latest soluble polymer technology to produce an environmentally friendly and highly efficient release material for concrete formwork on site.

Coverage 20-30m2 per litre.

CodeItemDrum Size (ltrs)

Eco Cure

A water based curing compound comprising of an Aqueous silicate solution that reacts to deposit an integral layer of high strength crystals into the pore structure of the concrete. Also available with a tinted fugitive dye to assist in the identification during application.

CodeItemSize (ltrs)
ECOL25Eco Lease25
ECOL210Eco Lease20

Safetard Gel

A transparent water based gel type concrete retarder with a colour tint to assist application. ideally suited for the production of exposed aggregate finished or ‘keyed’ surfaces for construction joint.

Coverage 3-5m2 per litre

CodeItemSize (ltrs)

Safetard Liquid

A water based spray applied liquid that retards the setting of the top surface of freshly placed concrete. the surface laitance can be brush/washed away the following day to produce an exposed aggregate finish.

CodeItemSize (ltrs)


A full range of high performance sprayers for construction chemicals. Suitable for use with mould oils, release agents and curing membranes. We recommend that all sprayers are cleaned through after use with cleaning Fluid (RCF25) 

CodeItemSize (ltrs)
MS11Metal Spray11
PS10Plastic Sprayer10
KSS15Knapsack Sprayer15
RCF25Cleaning Fluid25