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Formwork Repair & Protection

Formwork Repair Compound

A two part pre-mixed resin paste which, with the addition of a reactive hardener, produces a fast setting compound for the repair of holes and damaged areas of timber formwork. Trowel applied.



A wax based formwork sealer with a non-stain fugitive dye, which waterproofs and protects timber shutters. When used on steel formwork it will considerably reduce staining and scabbing. Brush applied.


Silicone Sealant

HMA Multi Purpose Silicone is a high performance Acetoxy Curing Silicone which provides a permanent water tight flexible seal and offers excellent adhesive properties, making it suitable for use on glass, aluminium, painted surfaces, sanitary ware, ceramics and non-porous surfaces.

CodeItemPack size cartridge
SS33Silicone sealant310ml

Gun foam – Handy Foam

Gap filling, fast setting adhesive foam. A single pack, aerosol, expanding foam. Fills irregularly shaped holes in formwork, cut-outs, etc. Fixing door and window frames. Sealing gaps around pipes and ducts. Approx. 50 litres per 750ml canister. 12 canisters to a carton.

FGUNFoam gunEach
FGCCleaner0.5 ltr


Plastic tapered plugs for the sealing of drilled holes in plywood. Flush fitting.

CodeItemPack sizeWeight kg/1000
P20Plug 2010001.85kg
P22Plug 2210002.37kg
P26Plug 2610005.00kg
P32Plug 325004.45kg
P40Plug 4025012.00kg


A specialised ‘structural’ grade cementitious repair cement, ideal for the repair of in-situ or precast concrete, masonry, screeds, renders, brickwork and blockwork. It can be used horizontally, vertically or over head without any need for primers or support. Trowel applied. 1kg yields 500cm.

SMPG25Matchpatch Grey25kg
SMPW25Matchpatch White25kg