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Formwork Repair & Protection

Formwork Repair Compound

A two part pre-mixed resin paste which, with the addition of a reactive hardener, produces a fast setting compound for the repair of holes and damaged areas of timber formwork. Trowel applied.



A wax based formwork sealer with a non-stain fugitive dye, which waterproofs and protects timber shutters. When used on steel formwork it will considerably reduce staining and scabbing. Brush applied.


Silicone Sealant

HMA Multi Purpose Silicone is a high performance Acetoxy Curing Silicone which provides a permanent water tight flexible seal and offers excellent adhesive properties, making it suitable for use on glass, aluminium, painted surfaces, sanitary ware, ceramics and non-porous surfaces.

CodeItemPack size cartridge
SS33Silicone sealant310ml

Gun foam – Handy Foam

Gap filling, fast setting adhesive foam. A single pack, aerosol, expanding foam. Fills irregularly shaped holes in formwork, cut-outs, etc. Fixing door and window frames. Sealing gaps around pipes and ducts. Approx. 50 litres per 750ml canister. 12 canisters to a carton.

FGUNFoam gunEach
FGCCleaner0.5 ltr