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General Products

Standard and Flexible Road Forms

Manufactured in 3 metre lengths. All standard road forms are square edged and have holes at 300mm c/c for dowel bars. Available for both sale and hire. Special sizes can be made to order.

CodeItemSize (mm)
RF 100Flexible 3000 x 100
RF 150Flexible 3000 x 150
RF 200Flexible 3000 x 200
RFF 100Flexible 3000 x 100
RFF 150Flexible 3000 x 150
RFF 200Flexible 3000 x200

Road Form Stakes / Setting Out Stakes

Smooth finish with forged points

RFS 18450 x 22mm
RFS 24600 x 22mm
RFS 20600 x 20mm
SPFS 161000 x 16mm

Fencing Pins

A mild steel pin, pointed at one end, and with a curled lamp hook on the other. Ideal for supporting safety barrier fencing.

FP 121350 x 12

Adjustable Steel Props

Threaded portion is friction-welded to the outer tube to produce a lighter-weight prop. Head and base plates are specially profiled to ensure safe and secure stacking. Outer tube: 60.3 mm diameter Inner tube: 48.3 mm diameter PIN is manufactured from 080M40 (EN8) to BS970. Manufactured to BS4047 and tested to BS5507.

CodeStandard PropClosed (m)Open (m)Weight (kg)
SP0No 01.0411.82911.28
SP1No 11.7533.12416.34
SP2No 21.9813.35217.48
SP3No 32.5903.96220.20
SP4No 43.2004.87623.84

Trench Struts

Safe, simple adjustable steel struts for bracing trench linings and for shoring low level, single faced formwork setups. Inner remains captive in the outer.

CodeSizeClosed (m)Open (m)Approx weight (kg)