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Inform Innovations

Ischebeck Inform has a reputation of supplying truly innovative and specialist concreting products. Our team is dedicated to researching, carefully sourcing and testing products and technologies from around the world so we can offer you a range of solutions – from rapid slab construction with K-FORM UPVC Screed Rail to a whole new way of installing construction joints in base slabs and walls with our exclusive Recostal permanent stopend system. We bring you the most cutting-edge construction solutions that will help change the way you work.


MagFly® technology is a robust and compact solution which literally gets your magnetic system up on its feet.

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Glass fibre reinforced plastic securing anchor system which enables the production of walls with suspended facing panels.

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The BT-Spannschloss® is a turnbuckle which is part of an innovative clamping system including screw connections and anchors embedded in prefabricated concrete parts.

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Robusta Staircase

For safe overcoming of different levels during construction stages and to ease all working processes, also for the transport of equipment from floor to floor.

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WorkLite worksite lights are suitable for construction sites of all sizes.

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