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Inform Tie Rods

Dywidag Tie rod

A standard tie rod specifically designed for use with Formwork. For all types of concrete structures.

Cutting service available

CodeItemFailing LoadWeight (Kg)Stock lengths (m)
DY15Dywidag 15195 Kn1.556.00
DY20Dywidag 20345 Kn2.5012.0
DY26Dywidag 26568 Kn4.5012.0

Inform Weldable Tie Rod

A continuous all round threaded tie rod, which is weldable and can also be used to form pigtails, hooks, loops etc.

Cutting service available.

CodeItemFailing loadWeightStock lengths
B15Inform 15165 kn1.55kg6.10m
B20Inform 20300 kn2.60kg6.35m
B26Inform 26510 kn4.60kg6.30m