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Joint Fillers


A compressed wood fibreboard impregnated with bitumen emulsion for use as an expansion joint filler. Available in sheet form or cut to size. Manufactured to BS1142.

CodeSlab depthJoint Thickness (m)
FB 100*Metre12 20 25
FB 150Metre12 20 25
FB 175Metre12 20 25
FB 200Metre12 20 25
CodeSize (mm)
FBS 122440 x 1200 x 12
FBS 202440 x 1200 x 20
FBS 252440 x 1200 x25

Polyfoam Joint Filler

A closed cell expanded polyethylene foam used for expansion joint in concrete slab construction and brickwork joints. Available in sheet form or cut to size with an option for 25mm rip-off strip for subsequent sealing.

Heavy Density 70kg also available.

CodeSlab DepthJoint Thickness (m)
PF 100Metre12 20 25
PF 150Metre12 20 25
PF 175Metre12 20 25
PF 200Metre12 20 25
CodeSize (mm)
SPFS12Polyfoam Sheet 12 x 2000 x 1600
SPFS20Polyfoam Sheet 20 x 2000 x 1600
SPFS25Polyfoam Sheet 25 x 2000 x 1600


A re-usable PVC void former for forming grooves in concrete, prior to sealing with joint sealant.

Manufactured in 3 metre lengths. Available in full or half sections.

VF20H3000 x 20 x 10
VF20F3000 x 20 x 10
VF25H3000 x 20 x 10
VF25F3000 x 20 x 10

Texell HD

Texell 60 is a, closed cell, crosslinked, semi rigid polyethylene, joint filler, for use in brick and blockwork. Texell 60 is ideal for use in all water retaining structures such as reservoirs, sewage tanks, runways, taxiways and aprons, sea defences etc

TBCSheet10mm2m x 1m
TBCSheet15mm2m x 1m
TBCSheet20mm2m x 1m