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Joint Sealant Accessories

Barrel Gun

Used for the easy and controlled application of joint sealants in both horizontal and vertical plains. Will accept Gun grade material and polyurethane sausages. Supplied complete with applicator nozzles.

CodeItemSize cc
BG60Barrel gun600

Mixing Paddle

A mixing paddle for use with all two part joint sealant. The paddle ensures that the sealant components are correctly mixed together ensuring the correct consistency and two part reactions required to cure.

PADMixing paddleeach

Follower Plate

A metal Follower Plate used to aid the extraction of sealant from the tins into the Barrel Gun. After the sealant has been mixed using the paddle, the Follower Plate is placed on top of the sealant in the tin and the Barrel Gun on top of the plate. By pushing down on the plate the sealant is forced to the gun.

FPFollower plateeach

Tar Brush

A course bristled brush that is ideal for helping in the application of Hot Poured Sealants. Can also be used for the application of Liquid membranes. Available with a short or long handle.

THBSBrush shortEach
THBLBrush longEach

Tool Cleaner

A solvent based cleaner for the removal of sealant from tools used. It should be especially used for cleaning out Barrel Guns in order to keep them operating correctly.

STLCTool cleaner5L