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Modular Formwork Panel System

Versatile, quick, adaptable


Modular formwork panels from Ischebeck Inform are ideally sized to permit use in an infinite variety of height/length configuration, from foundation bases to the highest walls. 62.5cm and 75cm panels may be used for intermediate height variations.

The standard panel width is of 100cm, with a wide range available: 75, 60, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10cm. Together with the 5cm filler post, conformity is allowed with every requirement.

On sites where no crane is available, manual assembly is easily possible owing to the light weight of the panels (100 x 125cm = 49.5kg).

All panels are interconnectable and require only one other component; the keybolt.

The keybolt:
Locks panels together in a secure, vibration-resistant manner
Permits simple visual inspection
Does not project outside panel frame (facilitating transport and storage of assembled panels)


  • Versatility – With a well conceived range of panels and accessories.
  • Speed – With secure, simple panel connection by patented keybolt.  Pre-assembly and repositioning of large forms
  • Adaptability – Infinite combinations of components permit use in residential, commercial and heavy engineering applications
  • Ease of handling – Convenient half-storey height panels can be efficiently handled and placed manually if required
  • Durability – Panel construction consists of extremely high-quality face material, well protected by steel frame. Quality controlled manufacturing standards guarantee soundly constructed components with an exceptional lifespan, proven by hundreds of used on the field
  • Space saving – 7.5cm deep frame with no projecting parts reduces storage/work area requirements, and facilitates transportation