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Amazon Distribution Centre case study

Project information

Location: Rugeley, Staffordshire
Contractor: Tercon Construction
Sub-Contractor: Glenevin Construction
Product used: K-Form

Project Background

Amazon UK has had a distribution centre in Rugeley since 2011. Due to increased demand plans were passed for expansion to double its capacity. This involved doubling the external area to facilitate a larger car park and substantial increased lorry activity. Tercon Construction was appointed the main contractor and subsequently appointed Glenevin Construction as a subcontractor.


As the deadline for completion was tight, Tercon had to look at ways of making the overall project time as efficient as possible, so in consultation with Fairhurst Consulting Engineers it was agreed that using K-Form would benefit the programme. K135 plus an extender rail was chosen to achieve the specified 205mm slab depth. A393 mesh was used throughout. Each bay was 7m wide x approx. 20m in length.


It took the 18 days to pour 13,000m2 (approx. 2665m3) of concrete. Using traditional methods the site manager estimates that it would have taken 40 days due to the hit and miss bays and the need for stripping out the shutters each morning.