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Hornsea Leisure Centre, Broadway, Hornsea

The Project

Project: New Leisure Centre
Location: Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire
Product used: K135 and extension river

The Project

Extension and refurbishment of existing building to provide additional sports and leisure facilities, cafe, and community centre with associated landscaping, access and parking works.

How it works

K-Form uPVC screeding rail provides the construction industry, with an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to steel shuttering. Made from recycled materials, K-Form is lightweight, durable and does not require removal after concrete pouring. It is easily cut to length on site and has pre-drilled holes in the vertical face for locating steel dowels bars and in the base for mortar anchoring. Furthermore, the design features end clips for joining and a removable top strip for joint sealing. Designed to be used with twin beams, bunyan rollers or vibro strikes, K-Form K135 and K85 disposable railing replaces steel forms where joints are needed.

The solution

Site priorities speedy completion of all concrete slab works were essential as the being directly on East coast with weather restraints construction could not progress until these works were complete. Hobson & Porter were using K-Form for the first time and working closely with engineers and K-Form they understand the benefits which can be achieved and were happy to propose to support this project.

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