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Industrial Hard Standing case study

Project information

Location: Essex
Contractor: JK Construction (East Anglia) Ltd.
Product used: K-Form

Project Background

This site was previously used for manufacturing and storing precast concrete products. The defective concrete products were disposed of on the site. When JK Construction moved onto site, they spent over 6 weeks preparing the site to a suitable condition for works to take place. The client plans to rent out the area for industrial storage.


The net concrete area required = 9,500m2. Total quantity of K-Form K135 ordered = 2,300 linear meters. Four men used to lay the K-Form. Depth of concrete required = 150mm


The Project Manager had used K-Form before on smaller projects and knew that with hundreds of defective precast railway sleepers buried beneath the surface setting up more traditional road forms would be incredibly difficult and time consuming, therefore K-Form would be their first choice. By laying it all out on mass it allowed the site workers to grade the surface between each run more accurately for the concrete pour, to avoid using excess amounts of concrete and achieve consistency. In addition to achieving a cost effective concrete pour, by using K-Form he estimates that time saved on the project will have been approximately one month. If they had used traditional formwork the manager states that he would not have had the time to grade the surface accurately and using road pins would have been extremely difficult due to the precast railway sleepers buried beneath the surface.