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Reinforcement Accessories


17 gauge black annealed wire for tying of reinforcement (Code TW25). 18 gauge stainless steal wire (Code STW)

STW25Tying Wire Coils 17 Gauge
SSTWStainless Tying Wire


The world’s first disposable tying wire dispensing reel.

By far the simplest and most efficient method of delivering wire on demand.

SRFTW2Refill Spool
SRFDRBDispensing Reel

TJEP Wire and Gun

TJEP WIRE XP is a newly developed tying wire characterised by excellent tensile strength combined with high levels of ductility and improved elongation performance. This specific combination of characteristics means the wire works perfectly in the Re-Bar Tier, yet still provides a very strong connection ensuring the reinforcement remains in place during the concrete pour.

TJEP Wire XP is galvanised to prevent corrosion. Rust deposits on the wire could impede the performance of the Re-Bar Tier.

RB397MAXRebar Gun1
TWXP40Tying Wire50


Tying/ Cutting Nips 7 Inch
Puller for looped tying Wires
Looped Tying Wires
Stainless steel Loop Tie Wires available – Price on application

CodeLength (mm)Pack Qty
LW 151501000
LW 252501000
LW 303001000
NIPSTying Cutting Nips (7 Inch)
PULAPuller for Looped Tying wires


A strong high visibility plastic cap, which fits securely onto the ends of exposed reinforcing bars ensuring the safety of site personnel. Re-usable.

CodeBar SizeBar size
PC 168 - 18250
PC 3216 -32125


Impalement Caps have a large top surface in resilient plastic. This design aids in spreading the force of a fall over a large surface area of the human body, thereby lessening the impact. A metal insert is located under the top which provides protection against being impaled by the rebar in the case of a fall.

CodeBar diaTypePack SizePallet Qty
RPC08208 - 20Square1005000
RPC203520 - 35Square1005000
CodeDescriptionPack SizePallet Qty

Rebar Safety Strip

The PROTEC Rebar Safety Strip is manufactured from weather and impact resistant plastic. It is also quick and easy to use as well as being re-usable. Heavy duty version has a steel insert. Impalement certificate available on request (RSSHD only).

CodeTypeDiaBar SizeLength Pallet Qty
RSSPlastic45 x 758-401000360
RSSHDPlastic with Steel45 x 758-401000360

Chemical Anchor Fixings

A two part, nozzle mixed, polyester resin injection anchor., Provides an economical expansion, stress free fixing. suitable for anchoring dowel bars, starter bars and studding into concrete.

CAGCartridge gun
IRGResin cartridge
BOPBlowout Pump
EpoxyBarfest Resin Anchor Cartridge 400ml