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Road Form

Road forms are used to provide an aligned edge when laying concrete.

Standard Roadforms

A simple form of shuttering which is normally used for concrete slabs or floors. Each unit is 3m long and can be supplied in various depths to suit the thickness of the slab. The forms can also be connected using the integral joiners provided to obtain the required length. The forms are located by steel stakes and when correctly positioned, a wedge located in the stake housing is driven home and locked.

CodeItemSize (mm)
RF 100Flexible 3000 x 100
RF 150Flexible 3000 x 150
RF 200Flexible 3000 x 200
RFF 100Flexible 3000 x 100
RFF 150Flexible 3000 x 150
RFF 200Flexible 3000 x200

Flexible Roadforms

Flexible roadforms allow the creation of curves where required. To assist positioning, five stake housings are used on each from and any number of forms may be joined to create the required curve.

CodeApprox depthDepthLengthNet weightDrilledSquare edge
RFF6150mm6 inches3m15.5kgNN/A
RFF8200mm8 inches3m18.5kgNN/A

Road form stakes

Smooth finish with forged points.


RFS 18450 x 22mm
RFS 24600 x 22mm
RFS 20600 x 20mm
SPFS 161000 x 16mm