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Robusta Storage Rack



The ROBUSTA-storing racks have proved themselves thousands of times at many prefab plants and on construction

After the quick erection of the two frames with 4 diagonal struts you have a stable and self-supporting construction immediately available.

The racks make a frame shaped, complete statical system in themselves, which are stabilized by the weight of the wall elements on to the lateral wooden girders.

These girdes support the construction elements integrated into the ground frame and protect the sensitive edges of the prefab elements against chipping off.

The storing racks are a stable, perfect intermediate stock, which must be placed on solid ground. The mounted racks can be lifted and moved with the crane easily by two stable hooks.

The lower and middle pinhole girder enables the storing of low elements, for example railing elements.

The pins fixed into the girder are serving additionally as protection against turning of the elements around the upper thermal point.

LengthHeightWeight per unit
Robusta 40004200mm1920mm570kg
Robusta 60006000mm2620mm1200kg
Robusta 6000 PLUS6000mm2000mm300kg


  • Space saving dismountable for small transport- and storing dimensions
  • Possibility to raise up to 4.60 m for high wall and prefab elements
  • For special needs adjustable to a height of 6.60 m
  • Safe intermediate storing for prefab wall plates at the prefab plant and at che construction site
  • Optimum usage for wall formwork – more accuracy and safety on the construction site
  • Each storing rack makes a complete statical system in itself
  • No additional achorings necessary
  • Second perforated girder allows for low railing elements and for an additional stabilizer of high wall elements
  • Quick erection and dismantling out of a few frame elements
  • Perforated girder also available as a single storing rail