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Design For TITAN Support


The SmartTITAN design program gives Ischebeck TITAN the ability to generate multiple configurations of genuine TITAN Support equipment, on all TITAN designs, achieving maximum economy and maximum safety on your projects.

The benefits of using this are numerous:

  • Achieves greater loading capacity with genuine TITAN equipment – up to 127kN per leg
  • Makes for more effective use of equipment
  • Optimises the design grid and number of frames in height – requiring less equipment
  • Gives greater jack extensions at higher loads
  • Ledger frames can be moved to optimum load positions
  • The design of freestanding support structures to avoid bracing and lateral restraint
  • Optimisation of birdcage structures, allowing for greater loads than towers
  • Tower restraint at ledger frame levels

TITAN Load Table

Frame group 1:0.9/1.2/1.15/1.6/1.8m ledger frame tower

Notes and disclaimers

• Permissible leg loads stated may be limited by other falsework and formwork components such as decking beams etc.
• Load charts are based on Smart Titan software. Any deviation from the leg configurations shown will require additional / separate Smart Titan analysis
• The information shown is an extract from data sheets. It is for illustrative purposes only and must not be used for design in isolation. See full data sheets of frames groups and various leg configuration for safe working loads.
• This chart and full data sheets supersede any existing Ischebeck U.K. design load charts.
• Loads are based on the jack being at the top
• For all other load configurations, see data sheets. Contact us for further information