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Glass fibre reinforced plastic securing anchor system



The ThermoPin® system is the first glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) securing anchor system which enables the production of walls with suspended facing panels.

The ThermoPin® system acts as a bonding system between the two concrete layers for internally insulated double walls, sandwich panel walls and monolithic 3-layer walls.

The GFRP securing anchor comprises a glass fibre reinforced plastic rod and a plastic ring, which acts as a spacer and water barrier. Both ends of the GFRP securing anchor are given a cone shape by a special process to counteract them being pulled out of the concrete.

Efficient building with innovative technology:

The system enables the efficient production of three-layer reinforced concrete walls, which stand out from the rest due to their high heat transfer resistance with a low wall thickness.

With system components which are tailored to fit together, the ThermoPin® system is quick and easy to install with all types of production technologies, both in prefabricated concrete plants (sandwich panel walls, thermal double walls) and on building sites (monolithic 3-layer walls).


  • No thermal bridges
  • Significant energy savings, low heating costs
  • Better heat storage performance of the construction elements
  • Leaner building method due to lower concrete coverage
  • Efficient production of construction components – easier installation
  • No need to use stainless steel
  • Savings on production time and assembly costs
  • Corrosion-resistant, alkali-resistant, durable
  • Not affected by electrical or magnetic fields
  • Price stability as not dependent on fluctuations in steel prices
  • Weather resistant