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superior strength plywood



The exclusive use of selected raw materials, kiln dried to 10% + 2% moisture content and strict control during production, guarantees durable 3-ply shuttering boards of consistent quality.

The specific board construction results in a substantial improvement in dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity. All specifications are manufactured with three layers and laminated perpendicular to each other. In addition to the extraordinary load capacity of our TITAN Ply, there is an increased saving of secondary beams, when used in conjunction with Ischebeck TITAN support systems.

The outside edges of the sheets are sealed, preventing tension and warp of the board which results in accurate, straight and flat surfaces.

Equipment & Labour savings

The superior physical properties of TITAN Ply enables the spacings of the secondary beams to be increased, thus reducing equipment and hire costs – less equipment means quicker erection and dismantling.

On a typical TITAN traditional decking project, we expect a reduction of secondary beam equipment of around 20% when TITAN Ply is being used.

Advantages of Titan ply

• One man can lift TITAN Ply boards with 360 degree of vision
• Minimal associated risks from wind
• Owing to the increased strength of TITAN Ply, the secondary beams centres can be increased thus allowing boards to be installed and fixed from below – no harness and no working from height
• The smaller, lighter boards make TITAN Ply easy to handle


  • Continuous middle layers for highest form stability
  • Very good bearing capacity
  • Perfect, smooth concrete surfaces
  • Usable for a long lifespan
  • Melamin edge sealing
  • Minimal associated risks from wind
  • Kiln-dried; approx. 10% (+2%) moisture content
  • Sealtec water repellent coating, to all surfaces minimising ingress of water and structural failure
  • One man can lift TITAN Ply boards with 360 degree of vision