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3-PLY panels


Shuttering panels have a long life and high quality surface. The exclusive use of selected raw materials (spruce), kiln drying to 10 % ± 2 % moisture content and strict control during production guarantee durable 3-ply shuttering panels of consistent quality.

The panel construction results in a substantial improvement in dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity. This is why all specifications are manufactured with three layers laminated perpendicular to each other. The outside layers are produced from edge-glued sheets. These prevent tension and warp of the panels and result in accurate, straight, and flat surfaces.

The surface of the panel is grinded and a resistant melamin rasin is pressed into the top-layer. The appearance of the concrete is extraordinary smooth due to the shuttering panel. The clean surface also prevents concrete rests sticking after removal of the formwork.


  • Continuous middle layers for highest form stability
  • Very good bearing capacity
  • Perfect, smooth concrete surfaces
  • Usable for a long lifespan
  • Melamin edge sealing