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Waterproofing Liquids

Liquid Asphaltic Compound

Liquid Asphaltic Compound is a damp-proof solution, used in two coats to provide a damp-proof membrane on solid floors or for protecting foundations, retaining walls, abutments, beams, lintels and similar structures against moisture and attack from sulphates contained within the soil.


  • Barrier to water and water vapour
  • Forms a highly flexible membrane
  • Easy to apply
  • Application accommodates awkward details
  • Once dry – resistant to frost
  • Resistant to sulphates

Water Plug

Single component, rapid setting, polymer modified mortar for arresting severe water infiltration under pressure through cracks and joints in concrete and masonry in basements, underground tanks and below surface structures. It is ideally suited for sealing around pipework and forming fillets in tanking situations.


  • Material only requires mixing with water to give a mortar which sets in 2 minutes to arrest infiltration.
  • Portland cement based mortar free from chlorides.
  • Polymer modified to enhance bond and prevent washout.
  • Non-shrink properties ensure a water tight seal.
  • Cement base is less hazardous than traditional caustic additives.

Bitumen Emulsion

A special blend of rubber latex and bitumen emulsion suitable for use as a waterproofer, multi-purpose adhesive and crack sealer. Brush applied.

Coverage approximately 220 holes per 8kg Keg.