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Waterproofing Membranes

RIW SheetSteel 226

Sheetseal 226 is a cold applied, high density polyethylene film, coated with a bitumen/rubber self adhesive layer with a removable reinforced silicone paper. Sheetseal Primer is a bitumen solution.

• Water and water vapour barrier
• Factory controlled thickness
• Elastic and flexible
• Damage easily repaired
• No drying time
• Sulphate resistant
• Selvedge strip to improve lap sealing

Basements and sub-structures, ground floors, reservoirs, retaining walls, concrete, masonry, steel, insulation boards / ICF systems.

RIWSSL226RIW Sheetseal 226

Bithuthene GP

Bituthene® GP is a combination of a high-density polyethylene film and a self-adhesive rubber/ bitumen compound. It is supplied in rolls 1 mm thick overall, 1m wide and 25m long (25 m2).

The product is for low-risk applications only and is capable of resisting a hydrostatic head up to 1m. All concrete and masonry surfaces to which the membrane is to be applied must have a smooth finish. Surfaces should be clean, dry, free of voids and any sharp protrusions. Masonry surfaces must be rendered to provide an even flush surface, if not rendered then all brick or blockwork must be flush pointed. For higher risk applications, we would recommend the use of Bituthene® 4000, Bituthene® 8000 or Preprufe® 800PA