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Wing Nuts

Wing nut

A ‘knock on’ wing nut used in conjunction with waler plates for securing tie rods in formwork applications.

WN15BWing nut 15mm0.36kg
WN20BWing nut 20mm0.40kg
WN26BWing nut 26mm0.90kg

Waler Wing Nut

A combined waler plate and wing nut for 15mm tie rod. Ideal for use with steel soldiers. Finish: anti-rust.

WWN70Waler Wing Nut 7070mm0.58kg
WWN100Waler Wing Nut 100100mm0.70kg

Waler Plate Pressed

Used with the knock on wing nut. Ideal with timber and steel soldiers.

WPBPressed Waler Plate 120x120x10mm1.30kg

Waler Plate Plain

A plain flat mild steel plate washer. For use on Formwork applications.

WP12BPlain Waler Plate 120x120x12mm1.30kg
WP20BPlain Waler Plate 120x120x20mm2.30kg
WP26BWaler Plate 150x150x30mm5.38kg