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Illumination for all work sites



WorkLite worksite lights are suitable for construction sites of all sizes. Due to the reliable and cost effective LED technology used, WorkLite® can withstand varying working conditions, vibrations and impacts (tested up to 21m).

WorkLite can illuminate even the most challenging worksite because its light is directed precisely where it is needed, without wasting a single ray of light. WorkLite® uses COB LEDs as its light source (12-25W) and produces light of up to 166lm/W, compared with basic fluorescent lamps which produce light of only 50lm/W. The light output of these LEDs is of top quality compared to the energy consumed.

Due to the protective voltage, all the installation work and group changes can be made by a construction worker, without the need of an electrician.

From a single 3KVA site transformer, up to 50 WorkLite units can be chained together without any loss of lighting, and can be repositioned without switching off the lighting chain.

Perfect for the UK’s approaching long evenings and dark mornings, WorkLite has the best output on the market at 3,990 lumens (166 lm/W).


  • Long-lasting, maintenance free LED light
  • No need for an electrician
  • Saves 70% of energy costs compared to florescent tubes
  • Perfect for steel frame construction when fitted with magnets
  • Easy to store, can be stacked
  • Fast installation
  • Immediately lights up clearly
  • Corporate branding available
  • Easy and inexpensive to use
  • Reposition without switching off lighting chain